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he TEMP-COAT AdvantageConserves energy saving you money
The TEMP-COAT Advantage
Conserves energy saving you money
Protects personnel
Has thousands of residential, commercial and industrial uses
Is a full time, all the time insulation
Is extremely flexible, aiding in the prevention of corrosion under insulation and limits migration of corrosion spores
Cleans up easily with soap and water
Eliminates over 85% of solar heat transfer - highly reflective
Adheres to hot and cold surfaces (-80° F(-66.2C) to +350°
F(176.7C) Product can insulate surfaces to 500? F following manufacturers instructions.
Offers more protection with less maintenance
Easy to use and repair
Visual inspection, Does not require jacketing
Reduces operating costs
Impervious to water, salt water and most chemicals
Reduces or stops expansion and contraction, which causes roof damage
Creates a better work environment, increasing productivity
Eliminates waste in insulation
Provides a constant, uninterrupted thermal barrier regardless of the length or

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